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Airs April 11-12, 9 pm and 11 pm ET on PBS

Jack Roosevelt Robinson rose from humble origins to cross baseball’s color line and become one of the most beloved men in America. A fierce integrationist, Robinson used his immense fame to speak out against the discrimination he saw on and off the field, angering fans, the press, and even teammates who had once celebrated him for “turning the other cheek.” After baseball, he was a widely-read newspaper columnist, divisive political activist and tireless advocate for civil rights, who later struggled to remain relevant as diabetes crippled his body and a new generation of leaders set a more militant course for the civil rights movement.20140415-043634-pm.jpg

A two-part, four-hour film tells the story of an American icon whose life-long battle. Airs April 11 & 12, 2016.

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The Exemption of Professional Sports Teams from the Fair Labor Standards Act and FLSA lawsuits brought by minor league baseball players against professional sports teams.

Fast forward two years later…

The United States District Court in San Francisco ruled that the lawsuit can be certified as a class action. As a result, roughly 10,000 current and former minor league players can join the group of 32 players that filed a lawsuit in February 2014.

The lawsuit was filed by former farm team members Oliver Odle of the San Francisco Giants, Aaron Senne of the Miami Marlins and Michael Liberto of the Kansas City Royals. The former players are seeking to change the current minor league wage structure.

Major League Baseball has countered the lawsuit by claiming that playing minor league baseball was never meant to be a career but has always been considered a defacto internship and a stepping stone to the major leagues. So under the direction of Stan Brand, Minor League Baseball’s vice president who doubles as a power-broker attorney on Capitol Hill, Major League Baseball is petitioning Congress to include minor league ballplayers to the list of 35 occupations not required to receive minimum wage or overtime pay as dictated in the Federal Labor Standards Act. …Known as exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act relieving seasonal recreational or amusement employers
from their obligation to pay the minimum wage and overtime.


MLB Volunteer’s Sign Up & Registration

2016 All-Star Game Volunteer Registration | MLB.com



Volunteer Registration. The San Diego Padres will host the 2016 Major League Baseball All-Star Week this July.


All-Star Week festivities are highlighted by five days of events starting with MLB All-Star FanFest, SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game, All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game and Home Run Derby.

Major League Baseball is looking for unpaid volunteers to assist with events surrounding the presentation of the 2016 Midsummer Classic.



Health Benefits Of Turmeric

Health Benefits Of Using Turmeric

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties so it useful in treating arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • It is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent.Application of Turmeric paste is useful in cuts and burns.
  • Turmeric has ten neuro-protective actions that support better memory, focus and cognition. This multi-functional spice is also used to regulate fat metabolism, alleviate IBS, regulate bile flow, reduce joint pain and bring luster to the skin.
  • A natural pain killer and cox-2 inhibitor

Always buy certified organic.
Science Confirms That Turmeric As Effective As 14 Drugs

See The Winners From The Last 50 Super Bowls

As we’re just days away from the Super Bowl, here’s a look at all the match ups and scores from the last 50 years of football.
XLIX Feb. 1, 2015 New England 28, Seattle 24
XLVIII Feb. 2, 2014 Seattle 43, Denver 8
XLVII Feb. 3, 2013 Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31
XLVI Feb. 5, 2012 NY Giants 21, New England 17
XLV Feb. 6, 2011 Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 25
XLIV Feb. 7, 2010 New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17
XLIII Feb. 1, 2009 Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23
XLII Feb. 3, 2008 NY Giants 17, New England 14
XLI Feb. 4, 2007 Indianapolis 29, Chicago 17
XL Feb. 5, 2006 Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10
XXXIX Feb. 6, 2005 New England 24, Philadelphia 21
XXXVIII Feb. 1, 2004 New England 32, Carolina 29
XXXVII Jan. 26, 2003 Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21
XXXVI Feb. 3, 2002 New England 20, St. Louis 17
XXXV Jan. 28, 2001 Baltimore 34, NY Giants 7
XXXIV Jan. 30, 2000 St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16
XXXIII Jan. 31, 1999 Denver 34, Atlanta 19
XXXII Jan. 25, 1998 Denver 31, Green Bay 24
XXXI Jan. 26, 1997 Green Bay 35, New England 21
XXX Jan. 28, 1996 Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17
XXIX Jan. 29, 1995 San Francisco 49, San Diego 26
XXVIII Jan. 30, 1994 Dallas 30, Buffalo 13
XXVII Jan. 31, 1993 Dallas 52, Buffalo 17
XXVI Jan. 26, 1992 Washington 37, Buffalo 24
XXV Jan. 27, 1991 New York Giants 20, Buffalo 19
XXIV Jan. 28, 1990 San Francisco 55, Denver 10
XXIII Jan. 22, 1989 San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16
XXII Jan. 31, 1988 Washington 42, Denver 10
XXI Jan. 25, 1987 New York Giants 39, Denver 20
XX Jan. 26, 1986 Chicago 46, New England 10
XIX Jan. 20, 1985 San Francisco 38, Miami 16
XVIII Jan. 22, 1984 Los Angeles 38, Washington 9
XVII Jan. 30, 1983 Washington 27, Miami 17
XVI Jan. 24, 1982 San Francisco 26, Cincinnati 21
XV Jan. 25, 1981 Oakland 27, Philadelphia 10
XIV Jan. 20, 1980 Pittsburgh 31, Los Angeles 19
XIII Jan. 21, 1979 Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31
XII Jan. 15, 1978 Dallas 27, Denver 10
XI Jan. 9, 1977 Oakland 32, Minnesota 14
X Jan. 18, 1976 Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17
IX Jan. 12, 1975 Pittsburgh 16, Minnesota 6
VIII Jan. 13, 1974 Miami 24, Minnesota 7
VII Jan. 14, 1973 Miami 14, Washington 7
VI Jan. 16, 1972 Dallas 24, Miami 3
V Jan. 17, 1971 Baltimore 16, Dallas 13
IV Jan. 11, 1970 Kansas City 23, Minnesota 7
III Jan. 12, 1969 NY Jets 16, Baltimore 7
II Jan. 14, 1968 Green Bay 33, Oakland 14
I Jan. 15, 1967 Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10
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Sarah Thomas got through her rookie season as an NFL official…Dean Blandino says more female officials are on the way

Sarah Thomas got through her rookie season as an NFL official without all that much notice, which is a good thing in her line of work. Perhaps as a result, she may not be a trailblazer for long. NFL officiating chief Dean Blandino told Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt on SiriusXM NFL Radio that more…

Source: Dean Blandino says more female officials are on the way

ERISA Fiduciaries Must Consider Social Security Determinations

Senior Complaints Specialist Fax(423)386-2056 or Fax(207)575-2354 Richard Josephs UNUM Long-Term Disability

I have just signed the following petition addressed to: JPMorgan Chase & UNUM LTD Benefits.

Pay Long-Term Disability Benefits to Alisa Claim:1408342 Policy:561285.

Alisa was a college student and worked for JPMorgan Chase since November,1995. She is disabled with several doctors including Social Security confirming disability. Benefits are a necessity to continue medically needed care, prescriptions, hired help and housing(currently homeless). UNUM has denied payments after 10 plus years of paying benefits. Payments were originally approved for Short-Term Disability Benefits and continued through Long-Term Disability Benefits.

She is still eligible for benefits; this treatment of the disabled should not be tolerated.

Thank you.

Posted by Entertainmentvault on Sunday, June 8, 2014

Posted by Entertainmentvault on Sunday, June 8, 2014

Help make a difference…

Eleventh Circuit Holds ERISA Fiduciaries Must Consider Social Security Determinations Issued After Claim Denial
byW. George Wailes | Carr McClellan P.C.
Courts have long held that ERISA plan administrators need to consider the evidence considered and the determination made by the Social Security Administration (SSA) in evaluating disability benefits claims. But the Eleventh Circuit in Melech v. Life Insurance Company of North America, 739 F.3d 663 (11th Cir. 2014) has now ruled that administrators must consider SSA benefit determinations and related evidence issued after the administrator has denied a claim. Further, the court held that the administrator erred by not contacting the SSA to obtain information about the benefit determination when the beneficiary did not submit the information to the administrator with her appeal. This holding will require additional effort and analysis in claim appeals determinations.

Since virtually all disability benefit plan procedures are similar to the one considered by Melech, this case means that administrators must consider SSA benefit determinations and evidence that occur after the initial denial of benefits. Further, this case requires administrators to obtain the SSA information and evidence even if the beneficiary does not.

Plaintiff Melech was a station manager for Hertz who was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in her cervical spine and tendinitis in her right shoulder. She was a beneficiary of Hertz’s long term disability policy, which was issued and administered by the Life Insurance Company of North America (LINA).

LINA denied Melech’s application for benefits before the SSA decided her benefit application. Melech appealed LINA’s denial of benefits, and while that appeal was pending, the SSA approved Melech’s application for benefits. Melech informed LINA about the SSA benefits she was awarded. LINA denied Melech’s appeal, and offered her another opportunity to appeal, asking her for any additional information she had to assist in her appeal. Melech did not submit any of the SSA information.

The trial court rejected Melech’s attempt to introduce evidence about the SSA benefits determination and its basis, as that information was not part of the administrative record. Having rejected the additional evidence, the trial court approved LINA’s denial of benefits, basing the determination on the existing administrative record that in turn was based on the information Melech had submitted to LINA. The trial court granted summary judgment in favor of LINA.

On appeal, the Eleventh Circuit reversed, holding that LINA should have considered the evidence gathered in the SSA process and, further, should have obtained the evidence independently of Melech because to ignore the evidence was procedurally unreasonable. The Eleventh Circuit noted that LINA’s benefits procedure requires claimants to pursue SSA disability benefits at least through the second stage of appeals if LINA determines the claimant should appeal, and allows LINA to deduct SSA benefits from the benefits owed to claimants. The court determined that LINA “actively inserted” itself into the claimants’ SSA benefit application process when it was to LINA’s advantage. But in Melech’s case, once LINA denied Melech’s request for benefits, it completely ignored the SSA process, even when Melech informed it that the SSA had awarded her benefits.

The court applies a six-factor test in its de novo review of summary judgment rulings on benefits determinations. Melech, supra, 739 F.3d at 672 (citing Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. v. Bruch, 489 U.S. 101, 109, 109 S.Ct. 948, 103 L.Ed.2d 80 (1989) and Williams v. BellSouth Telecomms., Inc., 373 F.3d 1132, 1138 (11th Cir. 2004)). But before the analysis can be performed, the court must first determine whether the administrative record was complete.

The court started by noting that under LINA’s procedures the burden was on Melech to produce evidence of her disability sufficient to establish that she was disabled, including that LINA was not obligated to “ferret out evidence in Melech’s or the SSA’s possession.” Id. at 673. Notwithstanding this burden, the court stated that in light of LINA’s self-interested actions concerning claimants’ SSA benefits application process “we are troubled by the implication of LINA’s actions in Melech’s case, where it ignored her SSDI application and the evidence generated by the SSA’s investigation once it no longer had a financial stake in the outcome.” Id. at 674.

The court dispensed with Melech’s failure to provide the SSA evidence to LINA by examining LINA’s conduct: “once LINA decided at first blush that Melech had not provided enough medical evidence to support her claim, it treated the SSA process and the evidence generated by it as irrelevant and unavailable. This treatment is internally inconsistent with LINA’s mode of evaluating claims.” Id. The court found that LINA’s conduct was procedurally unreasonable.

The court then reviewed what other circuits have done when confronted with procedural unreasonableness, determining that they use an abuse of discretion standard. The court then held that LINA’s procedure was improper because it did not deny benefits based on a complete administrative record that was the product of a fair claim evaluation process. Id. at 676. The court determined that the appropriate remedy was the remand the matter to LINA to reconsider Melech’s benefits with the SSA evidence. Id. at 667.

This decision imposes new obligations on ERISA disability plan administrators. Adminstrators now must consider evidence concerning SSA benefits generated after a claim is denied. Further, administrators now must affirmatively obtain that evidence when the beneficiary failes to provide it.