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Say Cheese!

Cheese isn’t vegetarian?! A question of rennet.

Most cheeses aren’t vegetarian, especially those that are modeled after Old World recipes and techniques.
How cheese becomes cheese: namely through a process called acidification. It’s a process that coagulates and isolates the solids in milk with an enzyme known as rennet, which is mostly derived from the stomach lining of unweaned young animals; which then allows the cheesemaker to manipulate those solids into various cheese styles.

Vegetarian cheeses, on the other hand, are coagulated with either a synthetic, or microbial rennet, derived from mold or yeast, or with a vegetable, or plant, derived rennet- See more at: http://www.spanish-cheese.net/cheese-isnt-vegetarian-a-question-of-rennet#sthash.dDuCqARr.dpuf

The History of Cheese